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About Us

Juju’s Luxury Lashes was created to inspire and empower lash lovers all over the world!  Regardless of age, race or gender our goal is to help you find lashes that makes you feel and look beautiful!  We take pride in finding lashes that not only compliment diverse eye shapes, but also, unique personalities too! Being a longtime “lash addict” I was disappointed with the selection of lashes in the stores, on top of the huge price difference between drugstore, hair store and department store lashes, they just wasn't me! They weren’t spicy enough, and if I found decent lashes, the prices were unreasonable.  It became a challenge trying to find quality lashes for a good price.

So after two long years of research, many vendors, a few disappointments, and a lot of money spent, I found exactly what I was looking for!  Shortly after, Juju’s Luxury Lashes was born.  We started out with 8 pairs of the most luxurious lashes to now having over 20 pairs. We have some of the most glamorous 3D, 4D, 5D, & 25mm lashes ever seen or worn! It’s guaranteed that our lashes compliment any eye shape and makeup style that you desire!  As a company we’re committed to being your first, last and only lash option.  For The Love of lashes, Juju’s Luxury Lashes.


“Become a Jujubee, by changing your look in the blink of an eye,

These lashes will complete “the look” and enhance your beauty,

But remember, real beauty lies within”


~For The Love Of Lashes~


__ Jasmine B. (Juju)

Certified Lash Tech at BBG, book your first or next lash appointment at: